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Ipswitch Launches ‘Sendable’ file transfer solution

June 22, 2010    

by Janet Harris

Ipswitch, Inc., the secure, managed file transfer company, just launched Sendable, a powerful and affordable file sending solution that gives individuals and prosumers a fast, easy and secure way to send large files and sensitive documents to other people.

Until now, people have been forced to rely on risky and frustrating file transfer methods – including unsecure email attachments, easily lost or stolen thumb drives and DVDs, and costly courier ser...


A recent survey by Ipswitch found that nearly 90 percent of respondents use external devices to move work-related files, posing major security risks to organizations and individuals.

Sendable eliminates the risk, cost and complexity of sending sensitive documents and large files with an easy-to-use Web interface that delivers security, visibility, speed, compliance along with anytime, anywhere access.

And you no longer have to wonder if your files were sent, received and opened. File delivery notification and download confirmation for every file you send are included with Sendable.

“People who don’t have a managed file transfer platform simply can’t afford the hefty price tag on other file transfer solutions,” said Gary Shottes, president of Ipswitch File Transfer.

“Whether you need security around sensitive files, visibility into files sent, received, opened and shared, or just a hassle-free way to send large files, Sendable makes it possible at a very affordable price.”

With Sendable, customers can:

· Send large files fast. While other solutions max out at 2GB, Sendable easily transfers files up to 15GB.

· Track and confirm file delivery. Sendable provides email notification when files are received, downloaded and opened – and allows users to control the number of downloads per document.

· Protect sensitive information. Sendable includes end-to-end encryption, FIPS validated cryptography, file integrity checking and non-repudiation. It also provides extra layers of security by password-protecting files, and allowing users to set file expiration dates.

· Ensure compliance. Files shared through Sendable are compliant with major industry and government regulations, including HIPPA, SOX, PCI DSS, COBIT and FISMA, and users have access to a complete audit trail of all documents sent and received.

“Millions of people trust us to manage their data interactions, regardless of size, scope and implementation needs,” said Shottes. “For the first time, people have access to a powerful, affordable and secure file sending solution.”

Sendable rounds out Ipswitch’s comprehensive suite of hosted and on-premise services designed to meet the needs of individuals up through large, global organizations.

Sendable is available immediately; to begin sending files quickly and securely, please visit www.Sendable.com.

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