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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a crime that is increasingly becoming a cause of worry among Internet users. It can be defined as sending or posting text or other contents that are meant to hurt, humiliate or harm the recipient. Thus, digital technology is being misused by the users in a big way.

Teenagers use e-mailing, text messages and other instant messaging programs, to bully other teens or anyone with whom they are not happy with or have a grudge against. Cyber bullying can be simply irritating a pe...

rson by sending constant mails against his wish or it may include threatening somebody over text messages or by constantly calling on their computers via callings software applications.

At times, Cyber bullying takes up a dangerous shape when the victim has to face sexually abusive comments or face disclosure of his/her personal information. Children and teenagers often form a forum on social networking sites and make somebody an object of ridicule. Adults are no exception from this act as they try to destroy the victim’s reputation, his earnings or any important thing related to him. In case of grownups, this act is known as Cyber Stalking or Cyber Harassment.

Sadly, Cyber bullying is now like a disease that has spread to every corner of a teen’s life. Shocking facts came up when surveys were conducted. According to a survey that was conducted in 2006, 43%teenagers and 42% kids have faced online bullying while 21% kids and 23% teen students have been threatened by e-mails and other digital messages. 41% of the victims are, however in dark about the identity of the person bullying them. One out of every four among these was bullied more than once.

Cyber bullying gives way to after effects of varied types that are mostly harmful. Victims of cyber bully show emotional instability, lowered self-esteem, and may even develop suicidal tendencies. Young victims often feel shy and reluctant to discuss their trauma with their parents or other authoritative person. They try to handle the humiliation and embarrassment themselves and this results in a permanent mental damage and relapsing mood swings. People often commit suicide when the situation goes out of control.

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