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Knoppix-std, Phlak And Las Hacker's Must Have

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#1 FireAlwaysWorks


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Posted 30 October 2003 - 11:03 AM

Live cd's are great for the experienced hacker and for the neophyte that doesnít have a recourses to install a Linux partition. Speaking of installing these distoís are a peace of cake to install on your hd! (KDE)
Knoppix-STD is really amazing. It has an amazing list of tools all on a LIVE knoppix cd. On there site they donít list the full glory of tools that this strumpet continues, but I assure you it is quite amazing. It is made by a network security teacher and it clams it is for constructive purposes. Well true many tools have duel purposes. For instance Knoppix-std contines John the Ripper if you ďforgetĒ your password and it has AirSnort if you donít have access to your AP and you donít have a WEP key.

I Feel there next release it going to be out of this world, it is supposed to contain 60-80 more tools! I am not quite sure how that could be, but hey. All I can think of is a bunch of compiled exploits. I am under the impression that Knoppix-std, Phalk, and LAS are all in competition. So they will cop the others tools trying to beat them.

Here is a screen shot:

As you can see it not only uses FluxBox(thank god!) But it has OpenMosix!!!!!! This means that you could bump on down to a computer lab and have your very own supper computer complete with very powerful hacking tools!!!!! Truly a daunting prospect!
Phlak uses FulxBox which is pretty cool it isnít as big as knoppix-std(600meg) Phlak(450), however on Phlakís site it lists the tools it has so you know what is on the cd. From my day to day use of such tools I find Phlack to be perfect. Use that extra 250 meg for another burn session that has MP3ís, drivers, exploits, your favorite backdoor for windows. It is a lot easer than remastering the cd. (FluxBox)
LAS is pretty cool form the standpoint that it is great if you want a fully functional operating system choked full of hacking tools on a Flash Stick or a business sized cd that fits in your wallet. I have a friend that modded the 53 meg version and put it on his Pocket PC. If you are going war driving even this version has what you need. I took the 185 meg version and filled it with mp3ís, a few tv shows, some roms and emulators, exploits and various other tools that I needed.


#2 Guest_s7r1k3r_*

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Posted 31 October 2003 - 05:06 AM

Very helpful look at security related distros.

Has anyone tried F.I.R.E?

#3 Guest_scooby_*

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Posted 31 October 2003 - 07:02 AM

add morphix and damnsmalllinux to that list.

#4 Kynroxes


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Posted 01 November 2003 - 10:17 AM

ya, so "Knoopix is really good for you" !!

#5 predx



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Posted 12 December 2003 - 08:35 PM

I have used 2 versions of F.I.R.E its not bad, i think the std is little better i guess a i like KDE front end plus i feel its a little more current with todays security needs.

#6 easternerd



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Posted 07 January 2004 - 10:31 AM

ive tried everyone of them except the PHLAk !!!
thanks for the info buddy.. shall try it out..
the LAS is a good distro can be loaded onto a 185 Mb mini disk..
i carry it everywhere,,
ive also got a custom CEH knoppix distro for Certified Ethical Hacker training.
its the biggest of all distros though.. more than 800Mb big.

#7 SteveW



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Posted 08 January 2004 - 08:48 PM

I agree STD has them all beat hands down. I am not that impressed with phlak with the exception of the starting backgrounds. (Battlefield 1942) Its still a great collection of tools to have in your possession.
Snort saved my Bacon!
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#8 Blake


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Posted 27 April 2004 - 01:27 PM

Archived Because it is quality ;)

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