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System Tray Media Player

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#1 Guest_wicked_*

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Posted 26 October 2003 - 08:50 PM

Heres a nice little mp3 player that Ive bin using for a few years now. I know it aint security related but it was when I first got it...;P
it's only 200kb....
and it works a charm.

STP MP3 Player

Welcome to STP and thanks for using it!

First, the most important things:
2. Although STP supports skins, this feature is UNSUPPORTED! So please
do not ask me to improve it or anything else :)

STP (SysTrayPlay) is a simple MP3 player that runs at the system tray
and takes just a little of display space and processor time.
It also has an equalizer and a simple playlist editor, plus several unique
features you won't find in other players

Also STP has a simple CD-player, but this is mostly additional feature,
so many functions DO NOT work in this mode, sorry

Even though STP support skins, my work on this feature is over. I just don't
like skins (I even tried to remove them from STP at all, but was forced by
users to leave them), so PLEASE don't ask me to make any improvements of the
skinnability (like skins for minibar, etc. :)))

Just unzip it to any location ("C:\Program Files\STP\" for
example) and that's all!
Now run STP.exe to start the player.
You can also create desktop icon for a player and associate MP3 and M3U
files with it by choosing appropriate items from the setup menu

System requirements:
- Intel 486 or higher CPU (Pentium is recommended) and 16-bit Sound Card.
- Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000

Using STP:
I've made STP as easy to use as it was possible.
But here's some hints:
- If you have a slow computer you can select "Mono" in the
Advanced Settings. It should save processor time.
If it's still sluggish, you may also select one of the downsampling modes.
- Single click with the left mouse button works as Play/Pause button,
double click plays next track, triple click plays previous track
(you can customize this)
Instead, you may use left-click to show/hide minibar, or to show track menu.
Or, if you wish, you may disable clicks at all. In this case just put your mouse
cursor over the tray-icon, and main menu will appear.
- You may set hotkeys for almost every function of STP
(look for "Hotkeys" button in Adv.Settings dialog)
- You can drag&drop files into the playlist window
- You can sort your playlists by Artist/Title or by Filename
(it's required to sort tracks by Filename for hierarchical tracks menu to be
shown correctly)
- Use "keep" buttons in tag editor when you edit tags for several files, it will save
you alot of typing
- You can run STP from command-line like this:
STP.exe [option] C:\MYFILES
where [option] can be:
"-g" - uses global (not user-specific) settings
"-c" - open STP in CD mode
"-a" - adds files to the current playlist (-r is ignored
in this case)
"-x" - exit the current instance of STP
- it's possible to automatically exit STP or shut down the computer after the end
of the playback (please note that these settings will NOT be saved on exit)
also, shutting down may not work on some computers
- it's also possible to decode your MP3s to PCM WAV files without listening.
This is useful if you, for example, want to make audio CD of your MP3 files
to listen with usual audio CD-player. To use this feature turn on the "Output
to WAV-file" option in Advanced Settings. Files will be written to the folder
where STP is located with the same names as MP3 files, just with WAV extension
- use Winamp emulation if you want STP to work with your multimedia keyboard which
supports Winamp, or something like this (but please keep in mind that STP is NOT
Winamp, so not every thing that worked with Winamp will work with STP :))

- ........... try by yourself ;)

this program is FREEWARE, so if you like it you can use it as
long as you want to. If you don't like it, you can give it to
your friends and anyone else you want... who knows, maybe they
will like it? ;)

but remember: STP comes with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND!

Contact author:
For comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. you can write me to:

or visit the homepage:

Oh, by the way, if you're going to write me (report bug/send suggestion) please visit
the homepage and make sure you're using the latest version of STP... there's a chance
that the thing you want to tell me is already fixed/implemented ;)
(or at least let me know about it first)
My inernet connection is really slow, so it's easier for me just to delete such mail than
to spend my time (and money) on downloading them

Thanks for reading this :)
Regards, Youri

P.S. I want to thank everyone who helped me with testing, bugfixing,
advices, great ideas, and just moral support: my family, friends,
co-workers and just all you faithful STP users :)
There're too many of you to list here and I just don't want to forget anyone...
so just Thank you all!

A few words about the decoder.
Originally I took code from EldoS Sounds package (
Btw, thank you guys for such a great product!
It was quite fast and sounding very good (because of the mpg123 core),
but *buggy* :) So I just had to rewrite it. Alot has been thrown away,
alot was added, and alot was here it is! :)

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#2 Guest_wicked_*

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Posted 31 October 2003 - 02:52 PM

No one listen to music in this forum?

LMAO.. :blink: :blink: :blink:

This is the best damn mp3 player on market second only to but WinAmp.

but it loads 10 times faster and has all the bells a whistles. Not to mention being able to operate it fully from the systemtray.



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