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Digital Surveillance Hd Cameras The Five Significant Feature

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 12:49 AM

Meet the digital, networked information society and the development trend of intelligent digital video surveillance, digital wireless video surveillance is gradually replacing analog monitor, is widely used in various industries.
To facilitate computer processing
Since the digitized video image, it is possible to make full use of the fast processing power of the computer, its compression, analysis, storage and display. Abnormal situation and linkage alarm video analysis, in order to achieve unattended.
Suitable for long-distance transmission
Digital information, anti-interference ability and less susceptible to the effects of the transmission line signal attenuation, and encrypted transmission and real-time monitoring of the scene, which can be thousands of kilometers away. Especially in the harsh environment of the scene or not easy to direct in-depth on-site case, digital video surveillance can achieve the effect of the person at the scene. Even if the site is destroyed, can still get true record of the scene in the distance.
Easy to find
Traditional analog surveillance system, when there is a problem when you need to spend a lot of time to watch the tape to find live record; digital video surveillance system, the use of computer-created index can be found within a few minutes of the live recording.
To improve the image quality and monitoring efficiency
Processing using the computer can not clear the image de-noising, sharpening, by adjusting the size of the image, with the high resolution of the display, you can see a clear high-quality images. In addition, you can be in 16 or even 32-way video image on a monitor at the same time watch.
The system is easy to manage and maintain
Digital video surveillance system is mainly composed of electronic equipment, high integration, wireless video transmission using a wired or wireless channel. In this way, the entire system is a modular structure, small size, easy to install, use and maintain.
Of digital wireless video surveillance system is not only in line with the trends of the future of the information industry, and on behalf of the future development direction of the surveillance industry presents tremendous business opportunities and economic benefits become the Information Industry flurry digitized products. With the advances in technology and socio-economic development, especially in recent years, the objective of accuracy, effectiveness and convenience of the monitoring system put forward higher requirements. Specifically, is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:
First, we need to implement a broader range of video surveillance and monitoring development by traditional security monitoring to the management and monitoring and production operations, but also put forward higher requirements for coverage of the same system and the implementation of distance, in layman's terms is to achieve over a broad area.
Requirements of the monitoring system and management information system, network system to achieve a large number of video data compression storage, transmission and automatic processing, so as to achieve resource sharing, managers and decision makers at all levels to provide convenient, fast, efficient service.

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