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Fiber Optic Hd-Sdi Surveillance Camera Technology Overview

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Posted 26 October 2012 - 12:23 AM

Fiber optic HD-SDI surveillance camera technology overview
Today's security market, a wide variety of new products emerging, various manufacturers continue to invest human and material resources, and strive slice of video surveillance construction in full swing, the great Three Kingdoms period, the trend of anybody's game.
Video equipment interface type points, can be divided into two major IP and BNC interface camp. , Can be divided into analog and HD video resolution. BNC interface analog devices in early urban construction accounted for a large proportion With the growing awareness of national security, have been from the first "visible" change to "see things clearly, therefore, in addition to the new city ​​video surveillance point construction, the old analog video system upgrade for the new high-definition video system, so that people see more clearly is the most important.
Although there are still a large number of analog video equipment on the market, but the analog to HD is a general trend, I believe that the product costs continue to decline with the height of the high-definition video chip integration and high-definition video, and take full control of the analog video market has been just around the corner.
We often say that high-definition video products, the resolution of 720P, 1080i, 1080P three video formats video equipment, and general IP and BNC interface for several HD format video transmission. We often mentioned the IPC network cameras and HD-SDI camera, is one of the two interfaces output HD video signal equipment.
HD-SDI (HighDefinitionSerialDigitalInterface) called the high-definition serial digital interface, compared to HD-SDI cameras, IP cameras, it has the following advantages.
· Compatible with traditional analog video networking. Because most traditional analog video systems with BNC interface connection, HD-SDI can be seamlessly compatible in traditional analog systems to upgrade to HD-SDI system renovation project, without re-wiring, you can save a lot of time and cost, has a certain advantages;
· Non-compressed. Due to the bandwidth limitations of IP networks, IP camera output video signal will be encoded compressed HD-SDI image compression, can ensure that the original image without distortion transmission;
· Real-time. IP camera transmission delay due to network environment, sometimes larger, HD-SDI image transmission in real time, almost no delay, it is suitable for real-time requirements of the occasion;
· Compatibility is good. IP network camera because different manufacturers, its transport protocol will be varied, so that led to poor compatibility of equipment from different manufacturers. HD-SDI transmission standard is only one, all HD-SDI camera follow this standard, so compatibility with HD-SDI equipment than IP devices much better.

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