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Ip Surveillance Cameras Advantages

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 01:18 AM

IP surveillance cameras advantages
With the development of science and technology, computer network technology and communication technology matures and the popularity of the Internet, a new generation of IP cameras surveillance products emerged. IP cameras, its appearance, compact, easily installed, easy to manipulate, fully functional characteristics, DVR Terminator. On the three-point IP cameras following advantages: ease of use
IP cameras is easy to use, whether it is installed on Windows98, Windows2000 or WindowsXP PC, or Linux operating system, browser with IE5.0 or above Navigator4.0 version of the browser will be able to directly enter the network The IP address of the camera to achieve the purpose of monitoring. Humane manipulation interface enables the manipulator to lift a finger will be able to do whatever they want. Even the layman can lightly harness.
Real time
Smooth effect with high clarity has been monitoring the pursuit of the highest realm of its up to 640 * 480 pattern scale VGA resolution and 25 frames per second of browsing speed, IP cameras, the best in the home and a variety of IP cameras. Used in MJPEG, MPEG4 compression pattern of transmission bandwidth requirements to a minimum, and browse to the image effect is comparable with a digital camera. Different registration controls more admissions MPEG video compression method the flow pattern of the video playback is like immersive. Save
Traditional monitoring equipment installation complexity, laying line process cumbersome, installation and commissioning of a heavy workload. IP cameras is abnormal easy, especially the part of the Government, schools, small, medium and large enterprises, as long as the original computer network based on a slight expansion of the IP cameras will be able to freely installed, reducing unnecessary construction engineering and additional maintenance, saving human and material resources. Both are widely distributed and can facilitate centralized governance. IP cameras also supports dynamic IP network, using free dynamic domain name server or third-party dynamic host software, you do not have to worry about the virtual dial-changing IP address can not find the camera.
IP cameras video surveillance rookie, its strong vitality behind temporarily not perfect aspect from the outside world and within the community, such as network delay. Still exist because the current Chinese ground network application environment with a variety of the topics to be resolved, but also makes the network type products IP cameras, video servers can not fully display their upper hand, improvement and development of the network become a bottleneck of product development. Network disconnection and blockage is also a common topic of network, in order to avoid the resulting data loss, departments manufacturers in product built-in alarm image buffer, the buffer can be temporarily stored when the network occurred a short break, clogging department scene image data, to ensure that important data is not lost, and front and rear end, which can be used for simultaneous recording to solve a particularly important place. Some manufacturers use special routers in the IP cameras and video server-side, in case of disconnection can automatically dial-up, to maintain the network at any time smooth.
IP cameras will be replaced by the DVR, it will be a fierce struggle, Who Controls When the dust settles, we'll see.

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