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Last Mile Transmission Chip Affect The Ip Camera And Sdi Cameras

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Posted 27 September 2012 - 11:49 PM

Last mile transmission chip affect the IP camera and SDI cameras
The IP compression chip SDI transmitter chip is a surveillance camera components core part of the last mile transmission results for IP and SDI IP compression chip SDI transmitter chip to play a key role. Megapixel IP camera, CODEC This compression chip preaching conditions dominated the video output that contains the image flow streaming digital processing CPU speed, screen delay difference, the number of images to speed and heat consumption, these parts we used in the past year from various manufacturers SoC itself appears not much change, but the entire point of view the settings provide streaming digital video packet flow and application, CODECCPU processing speed and image compression SoC The adjustment of the number of sheets is very different from the past. Take, for a set of video packet traffic, generally limited network bandwidth, high-definition video packets high traffic become of HD its biggest promotion bottleneck. How to minimize the flow of code to the transport and maintain high-quality images is a need to address the most important issue in the high-definition monitor.
Also due to the heterogeneous nature of the network, the different networks having different channel characteristics of different users to enjoy the network bandwidth is not the same, even the same user's bandwidth may be subject to change. With this development, see every manufacturer in improved compression rate of change in the stream with a fixed code flow from SecutechAward evaluation efforts of the past need to 4Mbps 720P and 8Mbps 1080P chip makers and camera manufacturer, at this stage, the IP Megapixel 720P @ 30fps may be pressed in the 2-3Mbps 1080P @ 30fps 6Mbps bandwidth below the flow control can also be pressed in, it can be said that for the transmission of IP Megapixel burden is greatly improved, and does not change the Compression ratio for such compression results, but does not cause the generation of the thermal effects, so that the compression chip to be stable and reliable operation.
Since the performance of CODECSoC substantial improvement, plus manufacturers in R & D for streaming type application specification slowly to produce a consensus, such as the main stream supplied to H.264, 720P or 1080P @ 30fps video server monitoring places MPEG4 or the H.264D1 or CIF @ 30/60fps send supervisors to see the image, and mobile remote can MJPEG or H.264 3-5fps screen to the mobile end monitoring, such a reasonable and do not affect the control of the flow and the number of sheets is forming an IP HD monitoring standards, the result of this application practices is greatly reduced screen delay generated, from SecutechAward evaluation results show more than the human eye can distinguish delay 500ms screen extension When the IP Megapixel entry models have disappeared, and this situation in the same period last year, also a large number of more than 500ms delay under the same detection conditions. Sensor to the ISP to CODECSoC This series of product components using a modified final result is a smooth and quality monitoring screen rendering. In addition, such a low compression ratio, for storage is a relatively favorable situation, because the image resolution enhancement, will inevitably consume more storage space. Example, a 1920 × 1080 @ 30 frame video using H264 encoding algorithm, in order to ensure clarity, the stream least 6Mbps more about the the D1 standard definition video 4-8 times. Therefore, in reducing the code stream, originally stored the desired recording space will no longer be shortened, i.e. will bring about reduction in the cost of storage.
The above is for a component part in the IP Megapixel and HD-SDI main sample components in the evaluation of different observation results-oriented, of course, a camera can not be just on these dimensions, for example, there contains high-definition display this problem, relative to the standard-definition video, high-definition video, large amount of information-rich, the appropriate decoding performance requirements also greatly improved, but the camera is, after all, only the front end of the high-definition monitor, whether it is IP or SDI we see from the evaluation It presents a stable trend to move on.

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