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Network Cameras Use A Dynamic Domain Name Resolution System

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 10:57 PM

Network cameras use a dynamic domain name resolution system
Dynamic DNS system is mainly to solve the dynamic IP access subject. Whether ordinary telephone line dial-up is still ISDN, ADSL, dynamic IP access methods, comes across this topic. The so-called dynamic IP access to the user through the virtual dial-up technology to dynamically obtain an IP address to conduct Internet business. Each time the user by ordinary MODEM or via ISDN, ADSL dial-up to connect to the Internet, ISP usually assigned to the user with a public IP address, this time with other users on the Internet can be accessed through the IP address of the computer. However, this IP address is dynamic, which means that once the break, the next time you connect to the Internet, ISP will assign a different public IP address. Internet connection, the ISP will assign a dynamic IP address, the dynamic DNS service is the domain name with a dynamic IP address corresponding. Dynamic DNS services rely on a dynamic domain name resolution system.
The disadvantage of the DNS system provided by a third party:
1. The DNS system is divided into paid services and free services provided by third parties can not be guaranteed, the system is running, not confusion! Once the DNS system thrown down, and will result in intermittent surveillance video!
2. If they choose a paid service, the annual additional expenditure DNS expense to the user to increase the capital invested.
3. Confidentiality of the domain name services provided by third parties are not strong, very easily leak monitoring point the IP as well as monitoring information sector government agencies Group and family did not dare to adopt.
4. Configuration cumbersome to use in monitoring client with a dedicated computer to install the the parse client, both to increase investment in hardware, there is not chaos factor, once equipped with resolve customer really a PC crash, and service that is, in the end. Departments occasions can not use this solution (such as: field monitoring occasions).

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