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Old Technology New Interpretation Of The Hd Monitor Combined With Intelligent Alarm

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Posted 11 September 2012 - 01:43 AM

Old technology new interpretation of the HD monitor combined with intelligent alarm
Double combination of video surveillance + alarm
The past two years, high-definition surveillance cameras fights uproar, it seems that there is no high-
definition surveillance cameras throughout the industry can not move forward. This does not, in addition to the
analog HD Network HD, Mixed HD-SDI also joined in the fun, I really do not know the HD in the end what is good.
In fact, after a survey of the industry found that surveillance cameras "HD" is no longer a unique selling
point, then exactly what features it?
First safe city, intelligent transportation and other important areas, in addition to monitoring probes HD,
seems intelligent video analysis capabilities essential. Of course, there will be users believe that this is,
after all, industry products, natural particular function can not be sloppy. But also someone I do not know, In
fact, these simple intelligent alarm function is no longer what the new technology into the monitoring is a
major selling point of the product, and will only alarm technology.
Second, a lot of people still in the "split" principle for monitoring alarm. Intelligent alarm and video
surveillance in the current monitoring products have been successful "fit". Added not only allow the monitoring
of the software system products more close to the people, both in function and more mature. It seems that this
is the security needs to the IT learning something.
Double combination of video surveillance + alarm
A single video surveillance are nothing more than a copy of the evidence, and cares more about the
significance of security is prevention. Obviously the unique Cheats monitoring no longer popular. Here we look
at the intelligent alarm HD surveillance cameras how to do.
Home monitoring system also can alarm
Imagine everyone is the alarm or positioning grasping afraid do not have to install another software, but
embedded in surveillance cameras being. Alarm zone is divided by the back-end software, once the moving objects
in the region will be delineated early warning information with the eye-catching color.
If the analysis of the smart embedded into the dome IP camera PTZ control to adjust the lens angle, place
the automatic tracking system with location tracking function, the lens will automatically closer, clearly
shows the alarm area .
Home monitoring system also can alarm
In fact, surveillance cameras + intelligent alarm is no longer the high-end industry patent. This is not a
small civil security products can do intelligent alarm. The most and monitoring alarm detector alarm are
entities. Civil security products are most concerned about is the price, which manufacturers will be regardless
of product prices, stubborn "alarm" materialized it.
The alarm function of civil security products and industry surveillance cameras similar to the same client
set the alarm parameters, the delineation of the different regions of the intrusion alarm, and alarm
information will be sent to the e-mail in the screenshot way. Surveillance cameras for industry through the
front-end SD card storage exception of police intelligence information, so that it easier to extract evidence.
Whether Which surveillance cameras, in fact, intelligent alarm function is necessary parameters; especially
large security market, monitoring + alarm the perfect combination to monitor products implement prevention
within the context of. The alarm function appears to be an old technology, but in modern security areas under
the new interpretation of the way. Your security is so low-key it?

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