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Identify The Quality Of Surveillance Camera Lens By The Appearance

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 09:56 PM

Identify the quality of surveillance camera lens by the appearance
The face of ever-changing security monitoring product form and application scenarios, the surveillance camera in the various scenes under complex lighting conditions, must have excellent image quality. Thanks to the development of high-definition monitor, HD photosensitive device is the most important part of the development of high-definition lens is also of concern in recent years. Currently, however, the market surveillance camera Ling Lang everywhere, many categories, the quality is uneven. Grew as HD "heat", in the face of many lens, contractors, dealers may not be able to distinguish a real good shot. This will take everyone to look at from the point of view of non-optical surveillance camera. How can I tell if the lens is good or bad?
First, the appearance of the lens identification delicate quality
Any one lens to see first is certainly the appearance. The good monitoring Lens very focus on details of the shape from the inside out. In general, well-known brands in lens design and shell selected materials will be more carefully.
Good precision lens housing selection of elegant overall appearance of the structure is very rigorous, matte plastic shell, no glare, not dazzling. It is worth mentioning that the plastic shell main advantage is low at the cost of its spare parts, can greatly reduce the cost of the lens housing; plasticity, according to the actual needs of the lens appearance design and rectification; aesthetics are self-evident. This plastic is plastic, its strength, hardness can fully meet the engineering requirements of industrial lens. The plastic casing can also be guaranteed in the working environment temperature change is large in the case, does not occur the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, and to ensure the accuracy of the location of the internal lens.
Second, the feel of the lens to identify degree of ease of debugging
To distinguish the pros and cons of the lens, in addition to the four sharp eyes but also "hand touch Octagon. Good surveillance camera not only look beautiful, feel particularly important. Practical monitor construction, many situations requiring altitude operations, in this environment, the difficulty of debugging of the lens is increased in order to facilitate the construction, the feel of the lens is needed to achieve higher requirements. Excellent lens will feel feel light and delicate, precise subtle rotation, and there is no oil spill or the lens adjustment rigid, stuck phenomenon.
Smooth feel of a good lens to achieve that is neither damping can accurately sense the focus focus, instead, gently to adjust focus aggregation point deviation from or lens difficult transferred. Good lens to achieve a good feel relaxed focus focus, greatly reduced engineering difficulty and workload.
Third, Lens coating identification overall amount of light effect
Monitor the lens coating can offset the reflected light of the lens, the role is to eliminate the ghosting, glare and the resistance of the spot generated by the catadioptric lens reflectance, while allowing reduced, to increase the amount of light on the lens. The lens coating is generally divided into two kinds of single coated and multi-coated. Better coating process to deposit monolayer generally violet, multilayer coating each coating color vary. Coating technology for anti-reflection of light, to promote light AR, to enhance the overall amount of light of the lens, and ultimately improve the quality of imaging. The multi-layer coating is better than the effect of single-layer coating.
In fact, the lens coating technology on the surveillance camera is relatively common, but the technical capabilities of the vendors in this part of the considerable differences so easily from this section as a reference resolution lens.
As the "eyes" of the surveillance cameras, a good choice of lens for the construction and monitoring system overall effect is very important. Contractors, dealers in the choice of a surveillance camera not only have to consider the polish "eye" of the camera, but also polish their own eyes, and to choose a truly excellent lens through the above points.

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 12:58 AM

There are many types of surveillance cameras today. More powerful versions are introduced to the market almost every month. Knowledge of the different types, as well as the differences of each one, will make it easier for you to take your pick from the many types and models in the market. There different types of surveillance cameras like fake surveillance cameras, wired, wireless, covert surveillance cameras, home surveillance cameras, night vision surveillance cameras etc.

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