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How To Build A Simple Home Security Monitoring System

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 01:21 AM

For most ordinary home users, surveillance camera and a variety of video surveillance products used to be out of reach of high-end equipment, a variety of surveillance cameras everywhere in the bank, street, all kinds of enterprises, institutions and other areas,but few people think about these high-tech security products actually can be so convenient that we installed in the home garden as an effective tool for protection of family members and property safety. Of course, some people will suspect that the home simple video surveillance equipment easy to use, but simple patchwork monitoring system can proceed smoothly to ensure family security? How do we control the quality of the product? Whether the power failure at home monitoring equipment fails? In fact, for the civil security, more demand is mainly concentrated in two areas: a small shop, security monitoring, the monitoring needs of others is the courtyard or villa. Therefore, the face of such installation environment, save money I am afraid that is the first element in the selection and installation of monitoring equipment.
First we introduce the monitoring points of the individual shops, under normal circumstances due to limited space of a shop, so the owners can choose dome ip camera, dome camera, a small bolt to meet the requirements of If I choose the gun camera. As for the sharpness of the image, store security much hyperopia monitoring requirements, In addition, in the course of their work is also an external light source is more adequate image clarity and night vision effect does not need to ask too much, it saves the construction security monitoring The cost of the system. Home monitoring application and shops there are some differences, concealment for family users should be more concerned about aspects of beautiful still, after all, in the home environment is the primary factor, if the surveillance cameras volume too much too obvious, it will not only undermine the overall home improvement layout of the effect of, creating unnecessary tension in their daily lives, that is, the effect of national security and defense will be greatly reduced, after all, the ip camera is not monitoring dead ends. Family to monitor the installation and select the hidden nature and beautiful nature is us on the basis of ensuring the security monitoring performance needs more attention to the APEXIS launch of small household type wireless network camera, the APM-H803-WS has a compact, installation convenient features, the most important thing is that with wireless networking capabilities, both to save the cable laid on the damage to the interior walls and ornaments, even if the user is not at home through the widespread use of smart phone real-time view surveillance video In addition to its HD lens can basically meet a family picture clarity.
In fact, in everyday life security monitoring system needs very little, but then less demand must be established on the basis of the normal work. If the monitoring equipment, power failure or power intruders encountered in the work, then even the best equipment will be furnished. Perfect power protection measures in fact, is another key to protect our systems work properly, in general, for a conventional power supply solutions, we will give the system is equipped with a standby power In addition to the normal power lines as we deal with from time to time the primary means of need. In the end how long the power supply capacity is appropriate? To analyze the actual usage and the equipment works, with power outages and sustainable work 24 hours standby power systems to be able to play a security role of the monitoring system more comprehensive. The only power can still be able to work more than 24 hours more effective to prevent power outages caused by excessive consumption, as well as the deliberate or an accident caused by circuit interruption failure, but also to provide sufficient time for the user to resume the supply of electricity.
Finally, we talk about the supplement on quality assurance issues in the targeted needs analysis is finished, generally a comprehensive home security systems in addition to video surveillance equipment must also require additional alarm measures, such as infrared intrusion detection fence on the garden wall, the door on both sides of windows and doors and windows open detection and alarm, infrared sensor detection alarm, etc., these home-monitoring devices used in combination to be able to larger and more comprehensive to play a home security system the role of first in the purchase of security products to pay attention to hardware and software features of the product, mature level of production and strict testing process. Security products currently on the market, generally with the 3C compulsory certification to distinguish their quality to achieve the appropriate standards, of course, this standard is only an initial identification signs, and can not fully reflect the product quality, specific quality standards To include the destruction of anti-, anti-cut function, low false positives, low failure rate. The complexity of the civilian monitoring system is much simpler than the industrial level by the French, but simple does not mean improvise, only if we grasp these simple but practical standards, allow our security monitoring system for smoother play our security needs.

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