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Maintenance Of The Distance Between The Camera Terminal

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 12:52 AM

Maintenance of the distance between the camera terminal
For monitoring of large-scale network environment, the emergence of wireless networks can save the trouble of most of the overhead line. However, the erection of wireless networks, similarly, the more troublesome problem. For example, the declaration of the frequency and the interference signal. Of course, this is a large enterprise or municipal needs, may not be too complicated. Therefore, we mainly described in some low-frequency range monitoring, how can in the limited conditions, better management and installation of cameras.
For the wireless network signal, any transfer tool can not guarantee a constant intensity, the signal attenuation is the main problem we have to face. In addition, because the state signal transmission distance has a strict limit. Therefore, we can use their own frequency of transmission is not an easy thing. Especially for the close and public frequency signals, the impact will be more obvious. So we build the system, but also, as far as possible avoid using public signal (4.9GHZ) close to the frequency of use.
On the other hand, for the wireless monitoring system, the impact of obstacles can be said is a very important issue. Since most of the wireless frequencies are concentrated in 2.4GHZ to 5.8FHZ. This frequency is also the most vulnerable of our ordinary construction or objects that will affect the band. So, in many objects or the distance is greater than 100 m of the monitoring environment, the wireless band transmission may be difficult to achieve the normal transmission of signals, and thus also need some of the network structure of the network to avoid network transmission interference objects. Of course, this will inevitably cause a certain increasing costs.

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