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Our First Project.

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#1 schnibble



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Posted 26 October 2003 - 02:12 PM

Would like to help out. Did a lot of php programing, and did some database related in Delphi...

#2 gman24



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Posted 26 October 2003 - 12:36 PM

I know
C,C++,java,visual basic,qbasic,javascript,html,some other stuff.

Linux commandline scripts

Free time is extremly limited though.(college, work)

I could put some time in though, but can't do any main stuff.

I spent most of my time writing games, I have experience in socket programming using visual basic.

I wrote a MUD from scratch using that language when I was learning it.

I know a little bit of socket programming in C, I used an existing code base CircleMud because I didn't want to go through the socket coding again.

I wrote an in house program for shares. Given the project name, it pushed certain projects located on a main share to a main server over the VPN.

#3 COM


    Private First Class

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Posted 27 October 2003 - 06:02 AM

I have a good friend who could to be interested, I can refer he ? He know C, VB and more :unsure: GSO have a chat channel ?

#4 Guest_OneNight_*

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 08:29 AM

Good to see you taking this section by the scruff of the neck.

Anyways, sign me up. Though i dont have any real programming background (heh, unless you call a bit of html and mirc programming ;)) I'll be happy to help in any way.

I am not afraid of looking stuff up and will help any way i can. Just tell me what you think is worthy of my talents...

Expertise: Social Engineering.

Also, there are others interested who dont visit every day so dont dispair if the response isnt quite as big to start with!

#5 shaun2k2


    Staff Sergeant

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 07:08 AM

Okay, we should get started on our first project.

I'm not sure if it is my job to choose, but I propose we write a security scanner, in C. If anybody has any objections to this, or has a better idea, the project shall commence. If it is indeed not my job to choose, GSecur, ComSec, I'm all ears :).

I want to hear what you all think of this, followed by your experience and skills. Mine are:
  • C
  • C++
  • Perl
  • BASH script
  • DOS Batch
  • HTML
  • Tidbits of PHP
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • File I/O
  • Internet Sockets
  • Raw sockets
  • Linux libs (the linux programming libraries)
  • DOS
  • Windows *
  • Electronics
You don't have to list everything like I did, but it might help. Once we have names in, we'll allocate tasks around the group. The final product (the security scanner) will have:
  • TCP scanning
  • UDP scanning
  • Ping sweeping
  • SYN scanning (half-open scans)
  • FIN scanning
  • NULL scanning
  • ACK scanning
  • Xmas tree scanning
  • Banner grabbing
And maybe other misc. things.

Those who have enough experience to do the major things in this product (raw sockets, threading, sockets etc...) should state this in their post :)

The program will be designed first for Linux, and then our windows coders can write the extra necessary code for Windows compatibility. Those that specialise in GUI programming can write a GUI front-end if so desired.

Please note, I intend this product to be a competitor for those trailing close behind Nmap, not bullshit...Anybody may take part.

Everybody who takes part will have their name appropriately stated in the credits, despite how big or small your part may be. ComSec, GSecur, would this project be open-source, or would we charge for it?

Feedback please, who likes the idea?

Thank you for your time.

#6 shaun2k2


    Staff Sergeant

  • Sergeant Major
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Posted 15 October 2003 - 09:02 AM


Okay, you're in. What would you like to do? Bug testing? Maybe design the webpage? It's up to you. (filtered), you could even write a mIRC front-end for the program, eh?


#7 Guest_coder_*

  • Guests

Posted 15 October 2003 - 09:18 AM

count me in!
sounds fun...

#8 beardednose


    Retired GSO First Lieutenant

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 10:02 AM

If you're going to do a GUI or help info, I'd be happy to help design the GUI and edit. Coding ain't my cake. Yet.

I can help with http and web design, but I ain't fancy. I'm more of an Ernst Hemingway (bare bones to communicate and get the job done) rather than Willy Gates (flash bang cool whiz tricks).
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#9 Guest_ArEs_*

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 10:34 AM

well i`ll help where i can , do a little bug & beta testing , maybe help with pix for the page or gui if there is noone better programming skills are only vB and not too good there, can do mIrc scripting a little , too but thats not really useful for the project...

#10 Travis



  • Sergeant Major
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Posted 15 October 2003 - 02:34 PM

I know a bit of C programming, haven't really done much with it... but I can still do the bit of programming.

#11 Kenny


    Former Commander In Chief

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 04:24 PM

you got my blessing... sounds great to me... B)

as for open-source...get back to you on that later
Kenny aka ComSec

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#12 intranet



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Posted 16 October 2003 - 06:20 PM

Got some perl experience in both windows and linux, also a slack box , winxp and 2k3 for testing, would love to help out. guess i should add i have some minimal experience with gui's for perl in both windows and linux, but nothing exceptionally appealing.

#13 Guest_andariel_*

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Posted 16 October 2003 - 10:58 PM

My field of expertise is Java. I don't think you will even need Java on this one. However if you need it one day drop me a PM.

#14 GAN_GR33N



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Posted 17 October 2003 - 03:40 PM

i'm down for anything i can help with


visual basic
shell scripting (*nix and win)
getting in no matter what

#15 shaun2k2


    Staff Sergeant

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Posted 18 October 2003 - 07:01 AM


Looks like we have three core coders at the moment:

Coder, gan_gr33n, and me.

Anyone else?


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