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Hashing Question

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 09:22 PM

  • Bob believes that he has come up with a nifty hash function. He assigns a numeric value VChar to each letter in the alphabet equal to the letter’s position in the alphabet, i.e., VA = 1, VB = 2, …, VZ = 26. For a message, he calculates the hash value H = (VChar 1 x VChar 2 x VChar 3 …x VChar N) mod(26). Bob uses this function to send a one-word message, PLANE, to his banker Bill, along with his calculated hash value for the message. Alice is able to intercept the message, and generates an alternative message that has a hash value that collides with Bob’s original hash value. Show a message that Alice may have spoofed, and demonstrate that its hash value collides with Bob’s original hash.

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