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GoodLuck 4.8 Felony Edition

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Posted 28 December 2008 - 01:51 PM


GoodLuck has over 3x as many functions and options than its previous version GoodLuck

The Interface
From pencil to photoshop, ssope designed GoodLuck's new outfit with two words in mind; "High Tech"

The GoodLuck Network (version
GoodLuck users can now communicate instantly! The new dynamically encrypted network is open to everyone using GoodLuck(implemented in both GoodLuck 4.0 Free Version and GoodLuck 4.8's Felony Edition). The network has replaced the 'Help' section, which has been apart of GoodLuck for the past 8 versions. Additionally, the network allows users to report problems to ssope, which should rid the program of any bugs that weren't found during the countless hours of beta testing. GoodLuck now has a full can of bug spray.
[Side Note:: While GoodLuck's splash screen is open, the program contacts an outside source to receive a configuration file before it can start the network. Some anti-virus programs seem to have a problem with this. Therefore, you may need to: manually allow the program to access the internet (and/or) turn off your anti-virus program.]

Server Detection
ONLY GoodLuck 4.8 Felony Edition's Server is undetectable. I did not spend any time making the free version's server undetectable. Additionally, the Felony Edition's Server will be updated periodically to ensure that it stays slippery.

The Connection Environment
Server Compiler: You can now create your own GoodLuck server.
Forward Connection: The forward connection has been totally rewritten, optimized, and debugged.
Reverse Connection: GoodLuck can now reverse connect to victims, but more importantly, GoodLuck no longer has a problem connecting to victims behind a router. (*If the client is behind a router, all you have to do is forward ports to your router.) Additionally, users who reverse connect do not need to know their victim's IP address.
IP Snitch: Even if you use forward connection, you won't need to figure out your victim's IP address, GoodLuck 4 will.
Port Scan: You can now chose which ports you would like to scan. Additionally, the buffer overflow error (inherent in GoodLuck's 3rd platform) has been removed and contained within GoodLuck Error Number 15.
Local Port: The local port textbox has been unlocked.

Client to Server Processing
Cancel Requests: You can now cancel any request that has been sent to the server (useful for when server responses lag)
More Feedback: Client to server communications are now posted for GoodLuck users to see. This helps in determining at what point a particular request may have lagged or produced a null response from the server.
More Bandwidth: GoodLuck has cut back on its use of the toggle system (ssope's weird invention). GoodLuck now uses a system that is part toggle, and part data split. For more information on GoodLuck's new system of processing, please read GoodLuck's Client to Server Protocol (will be released when GL4 is, but the protocol for the felony options will be excluded and priced for sale)

The Control Center
Here is a list of the new Client to Server functions (list obviously does not include old functions)::
(**Felony Edition Only)

Remote File Archiver** (navigate through every single file and folder on your victim's machine)
	   Download any file off victim's machine**
	   Upload and launch any file to victim's machine**
	   Hide any file**
	   Show any file**
		Delete any file**
	   Create & Delete Folders**
	   Remote Screen Shot**
	   Reverse Connection**
	   IP Address Snitch**
	   Server Creation Module**
	   Distort Victim's Screen Resolution**
	   Copy server executable to designated file path**
	   Force download and save files to designated file path using designated URL**
	   Remove server from start up**
	   Save designated text to file path**
	   Disable / Enable:  Registry Editor**
	   Disable / Enable:  Keyboard & Mouse**
	   Cursor Break Dance**
	   Clown Carnival (change Victim's system colors to clown colors)**
	   Flood victim with 'Rundll' errors**
	   Change victim's home page**
	   Launch Microsoft's Magnifier**
	   Integrated network (communicate instantly with anyone and everyone using GoodLuck 4)*
	   Change victim's cursor*
	   Show Time Properties*
	   Show Tray Properties*
	   Launch any folder*
	   Show [Start>Run]*
	   Launch any file*
	   Disable / Enable:  Task Manager*
	   Cascade windows*
	   Tile windows horizontally*
	   Show [Start>Help]*

Screen Shots:

IP Snitch:
Posted Image

Reverse Connection:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Request Information:
Posted Image

Remote Screen Shot:
Posted Image

Remote File Archiver:
Posted Image

Change Victim's Cursor:
Posted Image

Posted Image

{Download GoodLuck 4.0 Free Version}
{Purchase GoodLuck 4.8 Felony Edition}
{Read more about GoodLuck 4}
PS: Given the duration of this program's development, off hand "bloated" this or that comments, lets just say there are very few things in this world that I care less about. Waste your breath if you must, but constructive feedback are the only types of responses i'll be browsing for. Basically just don't flatter yourself, your approval is not needed. Toodles!

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