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Firefox plugins for security and geeky fun

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#1 Blake


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Posted 22 December 2008 - 09:32 AM

I don't run too many Firefox plugins, but I really love the ones I do use. Here's a run-down. The title of each section will link directly to the plugin on the mozilla site.


Even if you don't use Firefox plugins at all, I recommend giving NoScript a try. From the NoScript website:

When you install NoScript, JavaScript, Java, Flash Silverlight and possibly other executable contents are blocked by default. You will be able to allow JavaScript/Java/... execution (scripts from now on) selectively, on the sites you trust. You can allow a site to run scripts temporarily, if you're just surfing randomly, or permanently, when you visit it often and you really trust it. This means that NoScript learns from your own browser habits and tends to disappear in the background after a while, but it promptly comes back to save your day if you stumble upon a malicious web page.

NoScript is updated frequently as malware blocking methods are improved. It was one of the first products to offer protection against clickjacking. READ MORE

#2 meathive


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Posted 22 December 2008 - 08:55 PM

Looked like a crap list until I discovered the power of Ubiquity. I'm working on writing some of my own commands for it, checking out the language and syntax. It's a snap to use and write for. I hope to see it mature

EDIT: in no time. Lots of fun.
	 name:		 "gis",
	 icon:		 "",
	 homepage:	 "",
	 author:	   { name:"meathive" },
	 license:	  "GPLv3",
	 description:  "Google Image Search",
	 takes:		{ "image":noun_arb_text },
	 preview:	  "Google for Pr0n!",
	 execute: function( image ) 
	   var url=""+image.text+"&btnG=Search+Images";
	   Utils.openUrlInBrowser( url );

...oO oO oO Oo Oo Oo...
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#### in the machinery of night.

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