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Vuzix Vr920

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#1 webdevil


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Posted 23 February 2008 - 09:16 PM

A few days ago I had bought the Vuzix VR920 on ebay. It took only 2 days for me to get the Eyewear for $400 in total.
Vuzix is a company which is producing Eyewear/Spectales that give you a virtual screen which is 62" wide as viewed from a 9feet distance. Moreover it also tracks your head movement and you dont need to use your mouse.

Anyhow, back to my experience.
The Eyewear comes with a USB cable and a VGA/DVI cable. You just need to plugin both the cables, install the drivers and you have a second screen ready for use. I found it quite easy to configure it. Any computer user should find it easy to setup. But there should have been a more detailed manual coming with it. I only got a 2 page manual.
Now you wear the sepctales and you have the screen infront of you. I had a resolution of 1024x768 set. All the text appeared blurred and unreadble. I thought it was my hands touching the glass on the eyewear, I wiped it off nicely and then tried again...same result. Then I realised they said that the support was for only 800x600 at the max. So I changed the resolution and everything started to appear abit better. To check, I changed the resolution to 640x480 and this proved to be the best view. The 800x600 had some blurring effect too but the 640x480 didnt at all.

The Eyewear doesnt cover your eyes completely so light rays disturb your view and I believe this is another drawback. It should have been more like a helmet.

Ok, my final hit. The screen doesnt appear to be a 62" screen. My 19" TFT Monitor is much much better than the virtual screen that Vuzix shows. Seriously, its like your viewing a 62" from a 100feet distance. This I believe is a marketing gimmick, They should have stated that it appears to be a 17" screen instead of the "62" wide as viewed from a 9feet distance".

Another problem is within 10 minutes of usage the Eyewear heats up. It becomes quite hot. I dont what damage it can cause your eyes because I genereally play for 3-4 hours, so it would be like playing infront of burning fire. The heat will be of the Eyewear and not the game. and I felt the eyewear was not that comfortable.

I havent tried playing any games with it, moreover the games supported for head tracking are the ones that I dont play or quite old. A resolution of 640x480 is not what I bought my graphics card for.

This pretty much ends my review.
So if anyone is willing to buy this thing, I am selling it. ;)


#2 webdevil


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Posted 24 February 2008 - 06:09 PM

Just wondering if anyone here had bought this already?

#3 Blake


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Posted 28 March 2008 - 04:52 AM

Actually I was looking at these but got turned off by the low resolution. I use my oqo for a lot of work while I am on the road and it would be nice to have a small form factor virtual monitor to take with me. But once I saw the resolution that is the same as the oqo screen I was turned off. I looked around for some higher res ones, but they are all in the $1000 dollar plus realm and not exactly what I wanted to spend. Thanks for the review web devil, you confirmed a lot of my suspicions about it.