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A Comprehensive Multiproxy Tut., With Pics And All

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Posted 18 August 2003 - 08:06 AM

Posted by:OneNight

I wrote this tut a coupe of months ago (so the proxy list is a little outdated) but its a clear tut, imo. :)
I hope i am allowed to post it here. If not, then remove the post please!

Using/configuring multiproxy.

By OneNight.

The pictures are acting funny but you can just download them from the links i have given you. Then you will be able to read them properly too (if they dont display correctly in IE). Anyway, here goes:

1. Get Multiproxy. (go to and go to their “downloads” section)
2. Install.
3. Once installed there will be 9 proxy servers which will automatically be checked on startup. (“testing remote proxies”)
4. Once the check has been done go: options ---> proxy server list. Highlight the list and delete it.
Posted Image
5. Copy the list below to a notepad .txt file and save it as “proxy list.txt” or something like that.
6. Then go: options ---> proxy server list ---> Menu ---> files ---> import proxy list and select that txt file you made in
7. You will then get this screen.
Posted Image
8. Press ok and then go back to the main screen and press “Check all proxies”. It will then say “testing remote proxies (xx/122)”.
9. Once the check has been done go: options ---> proxy server list and delete any proxies with a red light next to them.
10. Now go to the “General options” tab and it should look like this.
Posted Image
The default settings should be fine. It might be worth changing “Max Simultaneous Connections” or checking the “Maintain fixed proxy/ip per web-site” box but other than that the setting are ok.
11. Now, you must leave Multiproxy running but you can minimize it.
12. We have set up the multiproxy configuration! We will have to set up our Internet Explorer now so that we are actually surfing through these proxies. So open up your IE!
13. Look at the pics and change the settings as shown. Always click “Apply” and ‘OK” to make sure the changes take effect.
Posted Image
Posted Image
14. And, hey presto, now when you surf you will be doing so anonymously!
15. To see if its working, have MultiProxy be "Always on top", then you can see it go through proxies when you access different sites!

1. Some of these proxies will not allow you to access certain sites. One way to solve this if it happens is to have multiproxy be always on top and then to watch through which proxies it runs to get to a certain site. Then just delete the offending proxy from ur list.
2. Some proxies will be faster than other. Look at the ping you get from each proxy. I suggest you delete the slowest ones cos otherwise loading times will kill ya.
3. FOR PPL ON DIALUP!If it doesnt seem to work for you instead of changing the LAN options try changing the Dial up settings. Here is a pic of how these should be changed.
Posted Image
4. Any other troubles then dont be afraid to ask! But, of course, i dont know all the answers... (unfortunately ).

HTTP proxy list:

I hope this was clear and that it is of some help to those who cant get it to work ;-) Any feedback is welcome.

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