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Help Topic: Submitting a Page or Article to GSO

If you have an article or content that you would like to submit to GSO you can do it rather easily. Log into the main site with your account. On the right hand side you will see a block that says "Author Block" Here you will see a link that says "Create a new page"

After going to the "Create a new page" page you will see you can enter in your content. After working on your article click "save". Your article will be placed in our moderation qeue to be approved. Once it has been approved you will see it listed here.

How do I edit an article that I was working on?
After it is published just open the article and you will see a a button at the top that you can click edit. Right now I am working on a way for you to edit an article that is unpublished.

How long does it take for my article to be published
Usually 24hrs or less. On weekends it could take a bit longer.

What type of article can I submit?
You can submit any hacking related or security related articles. You can even submit compliance related and regulation related articles as long as they apply to IT.

If I am a company can I submit an article?
Yes but it must be of some value. For example it must teach people something. It cannot be a press release.

Can I link back to my own site?
Yes but it should be in this manner:
At the top of your article you can write "Written By: Person or Company Here" and then link back to your site.

Or At the bottom of your article:

Written By: Person or Company Here
Person or company is a highly trained security expert specializing in email security
You can view more of his work here: http:

Can I make money from my article?
Yes GSO has a revenue sharing program that you can learn more about here
GSO Revenue Sharing