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Help Topic: Earn Money Blogging and Posting Content to our Site

GSO has now implemented a revenue sharing program. This will allow contributing members to make money on the content that they submit to GSO. Will you get rich doing this? No way, because after six years of owning this site I still am not. But if you publish great relevant content you can probably make some money. Besides it doesn't hurt to participate.

If you have questions contact me

What do I make money on?
The forum is not included in this system just to make that clear. Invision Board does not share this feature. Just our front page CMS system. So you adsense code will display in the following circumstances.

When you submit a scoop
A scoop is a news article or link that is submitted on the main site. Your code will show up %40 of the time to the left of the description that you wrote for the link that you submitted.

When you submit an article
When you submit an article that is approved. (All articles are not approved) Your ads will show up %40 of the time on the banner to the left of the article.

What You Need
You need an Adsense PublisherID. It looks like this Pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you have one you know exactly what I am talking about. If you don't have one go to the Google Adsense page and sign up as a publisher

Who pays me?
Google does, we are not involved in anyway. You can use your Google adsense stats to see how your page is doing as well. This is the best method since it keeps GSO out of the money business. Which we have no interest in dealing with.

How do I set it up?
At the top of any page you will see a tab that says "My Account" Click on it and you will be directed to your profile of the GSO CMS system. You will be viewing some stats about your self. At the top you will see a button that says "Edit" Click that. Now you can change portions of your profile like adding an Avatar. But what you are interested in is the button that says "Adsense" click on that and you can enter in your publisher ID. Now save it.

From now on all content you enter into the CMS system will have your Pub-ID on it.

How do I submit content?
Content submission help and guidelines can be found here:
Submitting a Page or Article to GSO
Submitting Scoops (Links in the voting system)

I have Questions
You can talk about this feature here.

Legal Stuff
By participating in this program you acknowledge the fact that GSO ( can reverse this policy at anytime. We are not responsible if you lose any revenue because we stop the program or if our site gets hacked or any other technical issues. Basically this is a service that we are not held responsible for at anytime.