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Help Topic: Submiting Links and Content

Problems? Contact me gso.gsecur @

The transition to the new GSO website is now complete. If you go to you will now see that we support a new system similar to This is a big change for us, but it is about time we implemented new technologies. The "In The News" Section has become very popular but we want to expand on that idea. Also we want to encourage the security community and our user base to interact with what should be considered important.

Why not use Digg?
Digg was a great website, and the security section was great as well but Digg has changed as it became more mainstream. Now all security submissions are lost amongst the huge amounts of spam and non technical articles. Also Digg is not moderated. Which results in to much garbage. GSO is moderated and will continue to be. We go through the links that are submitted and based on user feed back in the form of negative results delete items.

What news items and links are there?
The security community has become so fragmented. Only mainstream sources of security news really get noticed. But some of the best gems and latest information on security exploits and techniques are found on the smaller sites especially since security is such a niche. The goal of GSO is to bring those sources to one location. So you can find information on sites that you would never have discovered previously all from the security niche.

Besides just user submissions we also now import in news articles form over 300 news sources. By using the rss aggregation and weighting system provided by we are able to apply a weighting and post score algorithm to rss feeds before they are sucked into the GSO system. When you click on links that are submitted that data is then used to refine the importing algorithm to determine what data is further imported into the system. If you would like the rss feed of your site included in our system please contact me. Content is updated every 30-60 minutes.

Do I need two logins?

No your forum account works with the system. If you are having trouble staying logged in please clear your cookies from your web browser. That will resolve the issue.

How do I submit information and links?
You can do so by making sure you are logged in and going here:
Fill in the information and then submit it.
Also if you want to make things even easier you can download the GSO Firefox Extension. This extension lets you search through GSO and also click a button to easily submit content to the site. If someone knows how to make it less plain please contact me.

I am always looking for good posts so when I see one many times I will promote it to the front page my self. Also as users vote the page it will move to the front page.

What content is accepted?
As long as it is security related and legal everything is basically accepted. If you spam us we will delete your account and blacklist your domain. If you have been hanging around here for the last 6 years you know we can be harsh at times, but that is what has made us a quality site ;-)

What is this Karma thing?
Ok when you submit links or when you vote up or down a topic a karma rating is applied to you. This is an automated algorithm that detects if other people agree with what you have done. If other people agree by their votes your karma rating goes up. As your karma rating reaches higher level this will actually unlock features such as promoting pages to the front page automatically and also your positive or negative vote applies with a higher weight.

Does this hurt the forum?
Hell no! Look some people like forums and other do not. That is the way the internet is. Some people will post and other will not. So... This will add to the experience of forum users. Also it will bring in people who prefer a more social website without dealing with posting. Then thirdly it will attract new users who may want to participate in the forum. Also if you really think a forum topic is interesting submit it to the news system!

Be patient
This is a big change for us and a new system. We tested it the best we can but the true test is under the full weight of GSO traffic. We appreciate any suggestion you have or bug reports. Send them to me at gso.gsecur @ or you can post them here. But sometimes I prefer email more because I can make it a task to follow up since my memory is horrible.