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Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is the resurrection of GovernmentSecurity.org, a lot has been going on here over the last year and a half. The hired help has completed transferring the important articles from Joomla into the new site and the rest was blown away. I am going to give a quick overview of the changes that have happened but each change will be covered in detail with follow up posts.

GSO has been converted into an online community that is more than just forums, the main site is now fully integrated with the forums and the other newly added applications: the Marketplace and Blogs. Here is a quick overview of what has changed:

  • The articles categories now match the forums categories ( well written topics will be promoted to articles on the frontpage)
  • Forum permissions have been overhauled, most content is public now with the exception of member only and advanced member content
  • Tutorial sub-categories have been added to each forum, this will make it easier to browse guides vs questions ( moderators will be working to move old topics into these categories )
  • "Accepted Answer" has been implemented into the forums, this stackoverflow based approach seems like a good fit for questions.
  • The blogs have been designed with a "Blogger" feel. Starting your own blog on GSO or importing your existing blogs RSS feed could not be easier. ( you can link to your external blog but we recommend importing your external blogs "Full" article rss feed to get your articles featured on the frontpage for more exposure ) or you can blog directly here on GSO.
  • The Marketplace has been activated for file downloads and the Downloads forum has been archived.
  • Additional advanced member categories have been created ( access to these categories is about nominations and votes by other members and moderators, on the quality of the content you contribute and your knowledge level; not the number of posts you make )
  • We are expanding the moderator team, moderators permissions are now in sync with the member and advanced members. ( being a mod no longer fast tracts you to full access. Moderators will have to earn their way just like members but their contributions can be different. )

Stay tuned there is much more to come like being able to buy and sell downloads through the Marketplace, we hope that these and the many more changes to come will be what it takes to get GSO to rise from the ashes. Many thanks to those who have helped contribute in the last year to Project Phoenix.

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